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APV Electric broadcasters

APV KS 40 Electric Mini-Broadcaster for slug pellets, fertilizer and seeds. In cab slide valve operation & variable disc speed. 40 litre, 12 volt.

Streuprofi APV Streuprofi 105 litre electric broadcasters. Easy, Classic & Special models. In cab slide valve operation & variable disc speed.
twin disc APV ZS 200 twin disc electric broadcaster, 200 litre. Two contra rotating discs & an independently driven slow running agitator.
APV Communal Salt Spreaders
APV WD 100 APV Salt spreaders for spreading thawing agents in wintertime onto pavements, car parks and streets. 40L, 105L & 250 Litre models available.
APV Pneumatic Seeders
PS150 small

APV Pneumatic sowing machines PS 150, PS 250, PS 500. 12 Volt, PTO or hydraulic driven. Can be fitted to rollers, cultivators, harrows, etc. 150 - 500 litre.

APV PS 800 APV large pneumatic sowing systems PS 800. Suitable for grass, grain, small seeds & fertilizer. Hydraulic drive as standard. 800 litre.
APV Tine Harrows
GS300 Small APV heavy duty grassland harrows GS 300 & GS 600. Robust 10 mm ripper tines up front, followed by vibrating 8mm tines. Can be fitted with an air seeder for maximum flexibility.
APV Tined Weeders in widths from 1.5m to 15m for use in grassland and arable conditions. Pull out old thatch, weeds & moss, level and promote tillering.



Brochures, operator's manuals & calibration tables are available on the APV website.

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