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Güttler - Leaders in soil structure.

Grassland Management, Cultivators, Trailed & mounted Rollers, Air seeders & Presses from Germany

Origin of the unique Güttler Prism Rollers for grassland and arable use.

GreenMaster Grassland Management & Sowing System

Spring Tined Cultivators

Trailed & Mounted Prism Rollers 

Pneumatic seeders & front Presses 




Quality Danish Equipment for use in Fields, Forests, Roads & for Snow

Fransgård ranges of equipment

For field use: Disc Mowers, Swath Wilters, Front & Rear Cam Rakes & Haybobs.

For Forestry: Tractor Winches, Log Grapples, Tongs for Loaders. 

For Roads and Snow Clearing: Chain Mowers for Mulching Forest Roads, River Banks, etc.

Road Graders for Levelling, Repairing and cutting a Gradient on roads.

Snow Blowers for Clearing Snow.

Gritters for Spreading Sand, Salt and Grit on Roadways


Fliegl Group

Fliegl manufacture a very broad range of products in Germany for such as Commercial & Agri Trailers, Biogas Feeders & Driers, Slurry Equipment, Concrete Plants, as well as a wide range of equipment such as Buckets, Sweepers, Weighing Systems, etc

Fliegl Commercial & Agri Trailers: Low Loaders, Curtainsiders, Skeletal, Tippers, Flats, Skip & Plant Trailers, Water & Slurry Tankers. 
Renowned Fliegl Push-Off Ejector Trailers & Bodies for Asphalt, Stone, Muck, Plant & Agri, Chaser Bin, OverLoading Transfer systems.
Fliegl Buffalo & Cargo Silage Wagons, Slurry tankers, GRP Tanks, Slurry Separators, Dribble bars, Injectors,  Trailing Shoe.
Fliegl Mixing, Feeding and Driers / Scrubbers for Biogas Plants
Fliegl Concrete mixing plants, Mobile Pan Type Cement Mixers for tractors & loaders. 
Other equipment includes Buckets, forks, Bale Handling, Feeding
Pruning Saws, Snow Ploughs, Road Sweeper Brushes,

Brands: Our Brands
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